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DGP RR Swain’s ‘public grievances redressal’ program earns praise & trust among UT citizens

Elderly widow receives long- awaited justice after 12 years

Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Dec 13: In a commendable initiative aimed at enhancing public service and addressing citizens’ concerns, the Public Grievances Redressal Program led by Jammu and Kashmir’s Director General of Police (DGP), RR Swain, has received widespread appreciation from the public across the Union Territory.

The program, launched by DGP Swain, focuses on providing a systematic and efficient mechanism for citizens to voice their grievances and ensures a timely resolution.

Recognizing the importance of citizen feedback and involvement, the initiative aims to bridge the gap between the police and the public, fostering a sense of trust and cooperation.

One of the top police officials here in the Union Territory emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “The DGP’s goal is to create a more responsive and citizen-centric policing system. He (DGP) believes that every citizen’s concern is important, and this program is designed to address grievances promptly and effectively,” the official said.

The program has seen a significant surge in the number of grievances since its inception, indicating a growing trust in the redressal system.

Citizens have praised the initiative for its efficiency in handling a diverse range of grievances.

Local residents both in Jammu and Kashmir division have expressed satisfaction with the promptness and effectiveness of the resolution process.

Many have lauded the transparency of the system, citing improved communication between law enforcement and the public as a positive outcome of the program.

Various community leaders and organizations have also commended DGP Swain for his proactive approach in implementing the Public Grievances Redressal Program.

They view the initiative as a progressive step towards creating a safer and more secure environment in Jammu and Kashmir.

DGP R.R. Swain, has seen several public grievance redressal programs so far.

During these programs, DGP Swain patiently listens to the concerns of the people and endeavors to address their issues.

In certain instances, the DGP has issued on-the-spot directives to expedite high-quality redressal. Additionally, it was communicated that the progress and status of grievances in relevant cases would be shared through WhatsApp.

Another top police official highlighted that the core objective of the public grievances redressal program of the DGP is to effectively address the legitimate concerns of the public.
Simultaneously, the program aims to gain valuable insights that can be utilized to enhance the overall quality of Jammu and Kashmir Police services.

As the program gains momentum, DGP Swain continues to encourage citizens to actively participate and provide valuable feedback.

The success of the Public Grievances Redressal Program reflects the commitment of the Jammu and Kashmir Police to fostering a harmonious relationship with the community and addressing the concerns of its citizens effectively.

Meanwhile in a heartwarming turn of events, an elderly widow finally received justice after 12 years, thanks to the swift action taken by the Director General of Police (DGP) RRSwain during a public durbar held in Srinagar.

The elderly woman, Malika Begum W/O LT. Mohammad Sulaiman Mir (Rtd. Inspector) Qammarwari who had been grappling with a longstanding grievance, had the opportunity to present her case directly to DGP RRSwain during the public durbar session in Srinagar.

DGP known for his commitment to public service attentively listened to the woman’s concerns and took immediate action to address her long-pending matter.
Malika Begum, the elderly widow after the resolution of her case, expressed her deep gratitude to DGP Rr Swain.

She highlighted the emotional and financial toll the unresolved matter had taken on her life over the past 12 years, and how the timely intervention at the public durbar had finally brought closure to her ordeal.

DGP RRSwain’s commitment to justice and his hands-on approach in addressing citizens’ concerns has garnered praise from various quarters.

This heartening incident serves as a testament to the impact of citizen-centric initiatives and the responsiveness of police force in ensuring justice for individuals who have long awaited resolution to their grievances.(kns)

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