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Geelani congrats Class 10 pass outs for qualifying examination with distinction

Srinagar, Jan 01 : Congratulating the students on passing their exams with flying colours, Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that I extend my earnest praise to our resilient youth and their families for successfully qualifying the Matriculation examinations. “The entire society and I are proud of this achievement despite everyday violence perpetrated against our people especially youth. The success of our youth becomes extraordinary in these extraordinary times we live in amidst massive killings, maiming and blinding, crackdown and torture. Through your hard work, dedication and diligence, you have proved that Kashmir’s future is progressing towards an undeniable destiny of freedom,” he said.
Pro-freedom leaders said that your success has further reinforced the narrative of resistance that education and freedom struggle are intertwined. “It has demolished the discourse and vilifying campaign of the Indian state, their apologists and collaborators that the resistance of the people of Kashmir is driven by “misguided youth”, he said.
Syed Ali Geelani further said that I take this opportunity to reflect, and to remind our youth on certain critical challenges that Kashmir and our people are facing for the last seven decades, and more so in last several years.
“The on-going oppression of the Indian state is more than just physical, psychological or spiritual and India continues its onslaught on our society at all levels of our appeal to reason and emotions. It is thus not surprising that education itself has become a site of both oppression and resistance in our struggle for freedom. Our students, educational institutions and centers of critical learning are facing an aggressive assault, which not only seeks to tame us as a community but also aims to produce docile and subservient citizens for the Indian state,” Hurriyat (G) chairman said.
He said occupation and injustice thrives on ignorance. Resistance and fight for justice, on the other hand, flourishes purely through education and critical learning of the political and social awareness and for that Islam remains at the core of our struggle and philosophy.
Pro-freedom leader said that education ensures that an individual becomes self-aware, which is crucial for him to break the shackles of slavery and subservience.
“This is true of our pious and rightful struggle as well. Our educated and conscious young people are taking up the cause of resistance. This is not a new phenomenon though, as being propagated by the Indian vassals. Kashmir’s struggle for its freedom has thrived only through the sacrifices of brilliant men and women who have for decades espoused, fought and martyred for this just cause. Resistance will only endure if the struggle against suppression brings empathy, compassion and emotional labour among those who are striving or facing oppression; regardless of one’s religion, gender, class or geography. This realization of mutual empathy and appreciation of the struggles is, however, not possible without critical learning and reasoning, which can only be attained through education,” he said.
Hurriyat (G) chairman said that our resistance movement is also inseparable from the discussions about understanding the community’s ideals, building on those principles and their realization in action. As such, our youth must always remember that education is integral to our resistance.

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