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Exceptional decision indeed!

Shah Faesal’s resignation from a coveted service like IAS proves an adage that ‘if don’t like a rule, follow it…reach to the top and change the rule’. The decision taken by him apparently to join political landscape is debatable. But making such a choice at his age needs not only guts but a clear cut vision.

Whatever the reason and motive behind his resignation, his latest post on the Facebook underlines the level of his emotional attachment with his motherland. His decision is indeed exceptional in the sense that until now some power hungry bureaucrats would adopt this route only after their retirement.

One needs great courage that too when you choose between a respected elitist circle and the infamous and murky profession. Only a conscientious, emancipated and sincere person can dare to call a spade a spade. Faesal has carved a niche not during his academic career only but created a history by becoming the first State subject of J&K to top the coveted service IAS in 2009.

One of the facets of his personality is that Faesal is full of spirit for any voluntary role that is assigned to him. His role in creating awareness for introduction of Right to Information among masses in Kashmir is praiseworthy.

The big question in the minds of people especially his fans is that whether he can perform and deliver to the best of his capability through the field of politics? The uncertain political atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir is reason for such an apprehension.

The vision for which he has apparently sacrificed his lucrative position is too demanding. Whether he will succeed in its implementation or repent his decision, only time can answer.



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